How to pick up girls - 66 TEXTS THAT MAKE HER CHASE YOU FOR D

How to pick up girls


Here's a taste of what's waiting for you...


A crazy-easy 7-word text that will almost always lead to intimacy on the first date. ​One unusual text you MUST use if you're older than her. If she’s giving you shit about your age, it may already be too late. ​The “cute/kinky combo” that got my friend date with a famous Instagram model… She ignored hundreds of guys every day, but this is the one message that actually got her heart pounding. ​The #1 most irresistible “first message” of all time. No girl can ignore this message, they always show interest and respond right away. ​The "Halo Effect"... the easiest way to seduce girls who say you’re not tall enough. ​The boneheaded “Beta mistake” most guys have no clue they’re making… and how to use it to make every other guy look like a loser when they try to text her. ​When she sends short responses that lead nowhere... try the “Chase Command” to make her work harder for your attention… she’ll be writing you paragraphs and worrying it's still not enough to impress you. ​1 tiny thing you MUST do immediately after getting her number to guarantee she won’t flake on you later. ​The “Temptation Text”… a shockingly effective way to revive a conversation that went cold, without looking needy or desperate. This gem is not just about how to pick up girls, but also how to cross the finish line without the added effort.


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